Punjabi Chole in a slow cooker

PUNJABI CHOLE, make it in a slow cooker & fry pan!


Rinse & drain chick peas in the pack & place in a slow cooker

Add 6 cups boiling water and stir through

Place lid & cook on high for 8 -10 hrs (overnight) till really soft. No need to stir!

Add 1 cup water to fry pan

Add 1 pack Punjabi Chole Tarka & boil for 2 min – stir gently

Add Tarka to chickpeas in the slow cooker and stir through 

Mix in 2 tbsp chopped coriander

Garnish & serve with breads, naan, parota or basmati rice

Enjoy MASALA KING products and make it perfect, everytime!

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