Masala Bag

Dhal Kits – includes lentils & dhal simmer gravy – serves 8

6 flavours, super easy – super yum

Dhal Gharwali – home style red lentil dhal

Dhal Makhani – black urad & red kidney beans, a dhaba favourite

Kashmiri Rajma – red kidney beans in a rich gravy

Masoor Dhal – whole brown lentil dhal

Mung Dhal – mung bean dhal

Punjabi Chole – chickpeas in an aromatic gravy

Dhals are perhaps the most nutritious and healthy foods on the planet. They include high protein, low fat, complex carbs, high fibre, flavonoids, anti oxidants, vitamins & minerals

Classic Tarka – simmer gravy from various regions of India – serves 8

8 flavours, authentic indulgence

Korma – creamy cashew & coconut with aromatic spices

Madras – south Indian flavours

Makhani – for the perfect “butter” curry

Punjab – north Indian flavours

Rogan Josh – from the Moghul kitchens

Tandoori – flavoursome herbs & spices, a restaurant favourite

Tikka – smooth & creamy

Vindaloo – flavours from Goa – tang & zest

Sabzi Tarka – simmer gravy for authentic vegan curries – serves 8

6 flavours, wholesome goodness

Allu Mattar – home style potato & pea curry

Allu Mirchi – potato & capsicum curry

Allu Saag – potato & spinach curry

Chatpaté Allu – savoury potato curry

Kumbh Mattar – mushroom & pea curry

Mattar Tofu – tofu & pea curry (can also use paneer)

Vegetables are nutrient dense and an excellent source of complex carbs, high fibre, flavonoids, anti oxidants, vitamins & minerals. Make delicious vege curries with the perfect blend of herbs & spices

With MASALA BAG, get regular deliveries right to your door & save

The secret to great health is the variety in whole foods

Make easy delicious meals that are full of wholesome goodness

There are lots of MASALA BAG options to suit your preferences

You can order weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Feel free to start, stop or amend your MASALA BAG anytime

Each MASALA BAG delivery will have a different set of products from the range above